Why BigCommerce instead of Shopify?

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Why BigCommerce instead of Shopify?

Why BigCommerce instead of Shopify?

While we love building and maintaining medium to large custom Magento sites, we want the best solution for your business. Sometimes a SaaS ecommerce solution is the right answer. There’s many options to choose from.  We chose BigCommerce over Shopify because the features you need are all ready in their out of the box options for a lower total cost.

Customizations–  many of the customizations that you would pay monthly from Shopify resellers are included for free in BigCommerce:
Multi-Tier Pricing: Volume Discounts from the category level or the customer group level, can be setup out of the box.
Wish Lists:  They’re important and ready to use in BigCommerce.
Related Products: BigCommerce can automatically pick related product or let you hand select what to show your customers.
Coupons: BigCommerce offers 70 different combinations of discounts/coupons supported natively.

Also, BigCommerce offers best in class SEO.

Custom SEO URLs: Do you want “https://mystore.com/my-product-and-custom-keywords” instead of under “/products/“?  Shopify does not let you completely edit robots.txt or customize your URLs like BigCommerce.

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* Comparison is as of July 2018

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