Submit an RFP

How To Submit a Website Request For Proposals

Is your website outdated? Does it have functions that don’t work? Or is it missing features that you need?

It might be time for a website redesign if you answered yes to any or all of these questions.

No matter what your needs are, NuEthic is here to help. We offer full custom website builds to comples website migrations. If your site offers ecommerce but lacks the functionality you need a re-platform is a good options, we have a solution for you. NuEthic can migrate all your content between platforms, like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WordPress, WooCommerce content management systems.

Not all website platforms meet your business need. Magento give you the ability to create and customize anything you want and need. Shopify is simple and easy to use and fits many B2C needs but lacks the major B2B functionality. Big Commerce gives you the Shopify options with more B2B functionality. WooCommerce is great for startups that want more control with less risk of a SAAS platform.

If you need help considering what the best option for your business is please contact to discuss what will give you the best ROI. We offer a free consultation to help you learn what the best fit is.

To get the best value and price from your RFP, make sure you have written a detailed scope in the Request for Proposals (RFP). After your RFP is finished, submit it to NuEthic and let the experts give you a good bid to migrate your content for you.

Submit Your RFP To NuEthic

To submit your RFP to NuEthic, all you need to do is email the document to We’ll review it and send back our proposal if we think we’d be a good fit. If you’re not sure what else you should include in your RFP, contact NuEthic directly with your questions.

Need A New eCommerce Platform or Content Management System?

If you currently use a content management system or an eCommerce platform and you’re looking to upgrade your organization’s site, you will probably need that content migrated to a new platform that has more functionalities.

NuEthic can manage content migration from:

  • Shopify to Magento
  • Magento to Big Commerce
  • Magento to Shopify
  • Shopify to Big Commerce
  • Woo Commerce to Big Commerce
  • Woo Commerce to Shopify
  • WordPress to new WordPress

No matter which platform you’re working with, NuEthic can help!

Why Work with NuEthic?

Our agency is based on the belief that ethical business practices should be at the forefront of all our work. We communicate frequently with our clients to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need. We’ll follow up diligently, refine existing sites, and offer you the latest tech features.

Who Has NuEthic Helped Before?

When you choose NuEthic, you’ll be working with an agency that has redesigned websites for many successful companies and organizations.

Our clients include:

  • L3 Harris
  • Franklin Covey
  • CampChef
  • Henry Schein
  • Scentsationals
  • … and more!

Click here for our portfolio to see examples of our past work.

NuEthic Can Help

We migrate all of your customer data order history website copy and content to the platform that meets your needs the best. We want your website to offer all the functionalities and features you need for the highest ROI.

If your site offers ecommerce options but you need a new platform, we have a solution for you. NuEthic can migrate all your content between Magento, Shopify Big Commerce, WooCommerce content management systems.

Remember, all you need to do to submit your RFP is send it in an email to We’ll review your RFP and submit our proposal if we know we can help! Send your RFP to NuEthic and stop worrying about migrating your content to a new platform. Let the experts handle it for you!