Municipal Government Websites

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Municipal Government Websites

Americans are engaging with their local government more often than ever before. In recent years that engagement has moved from the monthly town hall meetings and the administrative buildings to the internet. When citizens have a need to find or provide information, offer a suggestion, or lodge a complaint with their local government their first point of contact is likely to be the official government website. The days of one page, newsletter style government pages are a thing of the past and local government agencies must be nimble and diligent to retain the public confidence and keep the communities they serve running smoothly

EvoGov was created to help government agencies design and maintain their online presence. We are a team of developers, programmers, project managers, and technical support personnel headquartered in Colorado, right here in the USA. EvoGov specializes in designing cloud-based applications and professional, responsive websites for government agencies and public service entities. We are passionate about providing the cutting edge web design and internet application solutions that support and strengthen the partnership between the government and the citizen. Best of all, EvoGov offers all of the necessities, from reliable, secure hosting services, to accessible web design and interactive support tools under one virtual roof.

EvoGov provides cloud-based web services and support for:

  • Local Government Agencies (City, County, Town, Township, Borough)
  • Special Districts and Regions (Water, Air, Sewer, Fire)
  • Metropolitan Areas
  • Park Administration Agencies
  • State Agencies
  • Court Systems (City, County)
  • Public Utility Companies
  • Economic Development Agencies
  • Civic Groups and Associations

Government agencies are required to meet certain federally mandated benchmarks for transparency, accessibility, and security. The team at EvoGov has the required knowledge and experience to help your administration confidently navigate all current and future legal requirements.


It takes more than an honest face and a firm handshake to gain the trust of the public in today’s world. Citizens want to see the fine print, and look behind the curtain to know who is managing their affairs, and how the security and privacy of their data is being protected.

At EvoGov, we are firm believers in the importance of full-transparency. The EvoGov Web Hosting Platform eliminates the security blind spots of working with third-party providers. To that end, we happily provide a detailed technical breakdown of the hosting environment and the cloud infrastructure. The information is freely accessible to all on the EvoGov website.

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for all of our cloud services and applications. AWS is the largest and most secure cloud service provider, and the preferred cloud hosting environment for most federal governments including The United States of America.

The scalability of cloud-based storage and the expertly designed EvoCloud content management system provide a powerful, stable infrastructure to catalog and store massive volumes of data. The EvoCloud software platform includes the full suite of web applications that make it easy to provide the data that government agencies and the public need to see to make informed and confident community decisions. Government agencies can highlight their commitment to full transparency with built-in tools like EvoGov’s Financial Transparency Tool which transforms data into an easy to understand, interactive pie chart allowing users to visualize the individual expenditures and revenues across an array of different expense categories.

The built-in Meeting Calendars tool provides an all-in-one solution that allows administrators to schedule and publish the date, time, and location of public meetings and attach all relevant documents and media sources for each issue on the agenda.


Like private business websites, government websites must provide a satisfying customer experience. Private businesses generally ensure a quality user experience by investing significant time and money to research into the needs and preferences of the specific subset of citizens that make up their target customer base. Government agencies must provide a quality user experience for a diverse customer base that includes every citizen currently residing, working, doing business, or travelling within their jurisdiction.

EvoGov provides a full suite of tools that make it easy for government agencies to meet the accessibility demands of a large and diverse population. The EvoGov suite of applications makes it easy to customize your agency website to meet the specific needs and preferences of citizens and visitors in your jurisdiction. We have highlighted the most popular accessibility tools below.

Interactive Park Maps generates detailed interactive maps of local parks. Users can see the available amenities for each park, locate trail head start and end points, book park facilities for private events, or sign up for educational opportunities provided by the park with just a few clicks.

The Alerts System provides a scrolling alert ticker that runs across the top of your website allowing administrators to push important news updates. Administrators can easily create global pop-up alerts for any page. Alerts are easy to customize and support the display of hyperlinks guiding viewers to additional content.

Our built-in Emergency Home Page feature can be activated with one click by staff members designated to act as communication security officers. Once activated the Emergency Home Page will override the normal website operation and layout and replace it with a version optimized for communicating important messages and instructions regarding emergency events. Features like slide shows and videos that can slow down page load times are automatically disabled to ensure emergency messages are displayed with no lag time on mobile devices and older computers.

The EvoGov platform includes an integrated 311 Request Tracking System with all of the features and functionality that are treated as premium upgrades on other content management platforms. These “premium” features are vital to providing a quality user experience that makes access to government services accessible to all citizens.


Website security is an ever-growing issue. EvoGov provides government agencies with an arsenal of tools to protect sensitive data from being compromised by both internal and external threats.

Import/Export Security tracks and records all data import and data export events. Administrators can use Role-Based Security to assign specific permissions and restrictions to each user based on their job requirements and security clearance.

Form Security allows administrators to specify which staff members have access to a specific form and the database where the submissions of that form are stored. EvoGov is the only content management system that assigns individual databases for each form’s submissions to limit access to only those with the proper credentials. To ensure FOIA compliance, data entered into website forms is automatically protected upon submission and cannot be deleted or altered.  

The Soft Delete feature is a built-in security tool that protects data from accidental deletion. When data is deleted by any user the removed data is recorded, along with the user ID of the staff member performing the deletion, and the date and time of removal. Administrators with the proper security clearance can restore deleted data easily and instantly using this feature. The Revision and Version features provide another layer of protection from unintentional data loss by recording and storing a copy of the existing data whenever changes are made. The back-up pages can be restored by system administrators with the proper credentials.

Because EvoGov uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide cloud-based services, our customers are protected by Amazon’s robust security policies and receive the following additional benefits.

  • Free SSL encryption security certificates 
  • Amazon CloudFront uses delivery networks to distribute downloadable content (like PDFs) preventing strain on website resources that can crash your website.
  • Amazon’s Wide Area Firewall blocks traffic to your site from all nations who are not part of the Hague Convention. (This security can be disabled with the proper security credentials)
  • Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Self-Healing Server Clouds provide front-end servers that are able to expand or shrink to match the available resources and current demand load.

This is just a sampling of the tools included with EvoGov government website services. A comprehensive list of the applications and tools included with EvoGov Website Design and Hosting is available on the EvoGov website.  Click here to request a detailed price quote using our simple online form.