Magento Development


Magento Development

NuEthic Magento eCommerce Developers are experienced and focused specifically on the Magento platform. We build off the Magento eCommerce platform strengths, to create a tailored eCommerce solution for each of our customers website projects. Magento eCommerce offers out-of-the-box features that allow for rapid development. NuEthic clients have benefited from the vast community of extensions that are built to scale eCommerce quickly and stably. See how other companies have converted with Magento eCommerce.


Magento is great for businesses that need functionality to manage multiple eCommerce stores with one admin. If you have multiple brands or countries you sell to, Magento is a good solution. Magento has vast customizations and capabilities right out of the box, that other eCommerce platforms don’t have. You can extend functionality much easier with its open-source structure. Design is not Magento’s strong point, but with some development time, you can have an amazing UX & UI too!

Magento offers a robust set of features that are scalable and easily customizable for the convenience of sellers and shoppers alike. With Magento, you have control over everything: the design template, content creation and functionality of your online store. Magento eCommerce platform’s powerful, yet easy-to-navigate administrative interface gives you access to:

  • Catalog management tools
  • SEO-friendly capabilities
  • Comprehensive merchandising
  • Marketing features like: shopping carts, product reviews, social shopping, up-selling/cross-selling, wish lists, E-newsletter management, and integration with numerous payment gateways
  • Extensive inventory management, google analytics and usability reports

Over the years, NuEthic has leveraged Magento’s amazing flexibility to support the growth of our clients’ businesses, no matter the size. Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform, that provides a strong community following which drives its innovation and scalability without its users needing to invest in costly custom development.


NuEthic has been able to prove over the years a strong ability to transition businesses off their current eCommerce technology onto Magento. By migrating products from SaaS technologies like Volusion or BigCommerce that are not open source, our clients have seen tremendous flexibility to modify and customize the platform as they need it and take advantage of community contribution of functionality. Saas solutions like BigCommerce are an amazing solution for specific companies. Magento is a large and robust solution for clients that are looking to customize their customer interaction. With customization, Magento comes with a high budget. Check our blog post comparing eCommerce solutions cost. Magento is constantly upgrading its platform and adapting to the needs of their customers. In our previously linked blog post, we talk about the newest upgrade of Magento 2.3.3 as well as analyzing cost.