• Recreation Outlet (recreationoutlet.com)

    “I wanted to thank the NuEthic team for the work you did on the redevelopment of our website. It turned out wonderful.

    My staff really enjoyed the open communication that you guys had with us. I don’t understand computer talk and when I asked questions that seemed basic you did not look or make me feel inadequate. You guys were transparent when I asked how the money was being spent at any specific time in the project.

    The biggest thing that stood out to me is how devoted you were to make our site the best it could be. It really obvious that you cared for us and our business. I could not believe how fast you finished the entire project. We had small projects on our end to wrap up to make the site what we wanted and you finished 2 weeks ahead of us. It’s a great feeling when you start a project like web redevelopment and the company you hire finish it faster than you can produce what they need.

    I would highly recommend that any person who is working on web development to hire NuEthic. I loved working with them, they were both professional and passionate about what they do. They care for us like we are a part of their team.

    Thank you for all your work.”

    Patrick McCrary General Manager Online Operations, Recreation Outlet

  • Stealth Gear USA (StealthGearUSA.com)

    “The continuing evolution of the internet and the vital role that quality websites play in the success of virtually every business in the world continues to grow to this day.

    In my most current position as Special Projects Manager for IT/Web/eCommerce Development for StealthGearUSA, LLC., I was tasked with taking a struggling internet platform and building out something that would separate us from the rest of the players in our industry. After searching for a development partner and an exhaustive vetting process, NuEthic emerged far above any others. Going in our expectations were extremely high!

    I am pleased to say that the programming and design teams at NuEthic met and exceeded our expectations and delivery dates at every point. They went above and beyond what anyone could reasonably hope for and our eCommerce and web presence has been optimized and built to the best practices and security protocols every business must conform and adhere to while still maintaining an enhanced user experience and functional ease of buying products.

    With enthusiasm I fully recommend NuEthic as the single most reliable and client friendly development firm I have ever worked with. NuEthic has made a believer out of me!”

    Thank you for all your work.”

    Ron Givens Special Projects Manager, Stealth Gear USA

  • Undercover Mama (undercovermama.com)

    “Working with NuEthic on development of our new website was awesome! Tony and Adam were both very knowledgeable and quick to answer all of our questions. When things came up, we always felt like we were #1 priority! Even after the site went live, they have answered all of our questions and were quick to help out. It’s a pleasure to work with such a great team!”

    Elena Leppard Co-owner, Undercover Mama

  • The Late Stephen R. Covey

    “I could not give a stronger recommendation regarding NuEthic. They are extremely competent while taking initiative and resourcefulness on their own to make good things happen. They also think creatively and comes up with new and better ways of doing things. They take full ownership of all tasks, completing all details in a punctual and competent and absolutely reliable manner.”

    Stephen R. Covey Vice Chairman, FranklinCovey Bestselling Author, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

  • Orson H. Gygi Company (gygi.com)

    “NuEthic was able to bring the project from chaos to concept extremely fast but also very efficiently. The experience they offers about the web is very evident and very impressive to say the least. We are excited to bring our third project to NuEthic and hopefully many more.”

    Adam Smith Online Operations

  • LifeCentre Athletic Club (lcathleticclub.com)

    “I have been involved with NuEthic for close to a year and have been impressed with the quality of work they do. Shane, Jared, and Tony have been extremely helpful in helping us create a marketing campaign which fits our needs. They are good guys and seem to always have our best interests in mind. I would definitely recommend them to anyone trying to increase name recognition or volume to their website. ”

    TJ General Manager

  • For Sale Guitars.com

    “Over the last year NuEthic has helped me grow my business online. Thanks to NuEthic, I am now in the position of having an online classifieds engine for an industry I love. From creating the system, to building my presence on Google, NuEthic has helped me with all my online marketing needs as well. Their team was awesome and I felt like there’s always someone who can answer my questions and will follow up on any of my requests. I would recommend NuEthic to any business wanting to be provided with an online partner.”

    Charles Stenson Owner

  • Rockwell Shop

    “NuEthic has been a literal god send with this project! We just wrapped up our second project with them and both projects were entire site developments that required both management and creative to make them happen. If I had to use on word to describe NuEthic, I would say TIRELESS! We couldn’t be happier the results!”

    Matt Smith Online Marketing

  • eFoodsDirect (efoodsdirect.com)

    “NuEthic has been a key part of our site redesign and re-launch. They have been very dedicated to our requests and online marketing efforts while taking on a true ownership mentality of the work they produce. We would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for a trusted web development and marketing partner.”

    Steve Shenk CEO

  • Prepare Wise Food Storage (preparewise.com)

    “When we started with NuEthic, our websites were a total disaster with poor conversion rates and high costs. NuEthic performed an initial website analysis and worked hard until they handed our websites off to us on new platforms. We now control our own websites with much lower monthly costs, much higher conversion rates and our marketing enhancement time is much quicker. Our websites are much easier to manage all around. NuEthic gave us what we needed to relaunch our business and make it a success.”

    Phillip Cox Online Operations