Silicon Slopes Tech Summit

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Silicon Slopes Tech Summit

Silicon Slopes

Most people glance over Utah as home to a flourishing tech hub, even though it has been this way for years. Nolan Bushnell, born north of Salt Lake in Clearfield, helped develop the retro gaming company Atari. The world’s first computer graphics company, Evans & Sutherland, was founded here in Salt Lake City in 1968. Novell, founded in 1979 and headquartered in Provo, Utah, was a development company that produced software connecting desktop computers so they could share devices such as printers. At their height in the mid-’90s, Novell controlled 65% of the market for network operating systems in the high-tech industry. There has been an ongoing tech scene in Utah for a long time.

Why Utah has the Tech Summit?

There has been a long-standing tech scene in Utah but that’s not the only lifestyle benefit that is offered here. A lower cost of living than other tech hubs combined with Forbes naming Utah the best state to do business in an astounding three times make for a prosperous place to start and grow your business.  There is also a passion for the environment and sustainability here. Nu Skin, a Utah based personal care product, and dietary supplement company started Groviv, an agricultural company dedicated to growing crops while using less water to increase sustainability, in Provo, Utah. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Utah has five national parks to offer, a ridiculous amount of amazing ski resorts, and over forty state parks.

Companies in the Silicon Slopes Region

Major tech companies such as Adobe, Microsoft, SanDisk, and StubHub all have locations in the silicon slopes region. Besides the beautiful views, great outdoor experiences, and a friendly atmosphere here in Salt Lake City, many Utahans seem to promote the belief that relationships are key to growing successful businesses. This is evident in the ample networking opportunities in the Salt Lake Valley.

The connection that happens can largely be attributed to the success of the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit. In fact, Josh James, CEO, and founder of Domo Inc. started the conference to enhance these connections. As other companies and people saw the talent, connections, and innovations coming from Utah, they began to flock here but some still don’t know the extent of what Silicon Slopes is.

What is Silicon Slopes?

Besides the region around Salt Lake City being called Silicon Slopes, there is a non-profit organization that is geared towards providing an open and accessible opportunity in entrepreneurship that shares the name with the region. Silicon Slopes empowers start-ups and tech companies to connect with other companies and mentors, learn from those companies and mentors, and serve to create a better community for the tech field. This effort is one of the reasons that Utah was recently named the second-best place to start a new business in the United States, falling only behind Texas.  

The statewide organization helps create that same opportunity outside of the silicon slopes region too. Thanks to the community formed, Utah remains a diverse and vibrant, innovative hub with some of the greatest entrepreneurs and companies calling the beehive state home. 

In fact, more than 6,500 startup and tech-centric companies do call Utah their home. Silicon Slopes is home to these leaders and entrepreneurs who through hard work, an exceptional focus on their business, and willingness to give back and serve to the community have earned recognition. 

Silicon Slope uses this ideology of giving back to help increase the ability for everyone to get a chance at success with entrepreneurship no matter their age, race, religion, or other factors. They believe success is as much about the chances given as the chances that are taken. The expectation, once earned, give back and help someone new.

Silicon Slopes and their Community

There are many cities vying to lay claim as the next Silicon Valley, but Silicon Slopes has already made a strong case while feeling different. There is a sense here that Utah CEOs driving the vision of the new Silicon Slopes have camaraderie. The support does not stop with the individuals though. These companies seem to want every facet of the community to succeed and have done so by investing in regional companies and leading diversification and inclusion initiatives. The widespread reach of the Silicon Slopes organization has helped bring diversity to Utah tech fields.

Silicon Slopes reach

Silicon Slopes claims to reach an audience of more than 250,000 people on a monthly basis. It is not hard to believe that number when you start to look at the list of past keynote speakers at the Tech Summit, or the sheer number of events they host annually, over 200. Over the course of the year, these different events draw in 40,000 people, with more expected in 2020.

These numbers help to validate Silicon Slopes’ efforts and ability to help. They also provide the attendees to their events, a greater outreach for marketing and networking purposes. When going to Silicon Slopes Tech Summit, or any of their other events, expect to hand out many business cards and talk with industry leaders.  Also expect to have a lot of fun, even going to a Sundance Film Festival movie screening at Silicon Slopes Tech Summit (included in your 2-day pass purchase)

What is the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit?

The Silicon Slopes Tech Summit is a gathering of some of the most prominent and leading minds in the tech industry. It is hosted annually in Salt Lake City by the Silicon Slopes organization. The tech summit is one of the largest and most defining tech events in the world. The event brings in more than 20,000 attendees; about 22,000 expected for the 2020 summit.

Besides an incredible networking opportunity, the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit features prominent keynote speakers, incredibly interactive and refreshing entertainment, and an unbelievable atmosphere of learning mixed with fun. The experience of going to the tech summit is something that is hard to be replicated.

The tech summit starts January 30th, 2020 and is two days, lasting until the 31st. It is held at the Salt Palace Convention Center in beautiful downtown Salt Lake City. The cost of the event is $195 for the 2-day pass and includes access to the Slopes Arcade. 

To purchase your passes; visit here and we look forward to seeing you there!

NuEthic and the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit

NuEthic has worked with Silicon Slopes in the past. We spoke to a crowd of entrepreneurs about different eCommerce platforms, their pros and cons, and how to develop an eCommerce business. It was a blast getting up on stage, hearing different viewpoints about the eCommerce landscape, and speaking to startups on how different platforms will affect their business all while connecting with other eCommerce developers.

Some of our team members will be attending the 2020 Silicon Slopes Tech Summit. We will be on the floor discussing different eCommerce platforms and their benefits for those wanting to know more. We will also be discussing SEO and web development in general. Tim, our sales and marketing manager, will also be showcasing his fashion sense and incredible dance moves if you ask nicely.

Who should attend?

The 2020 Silicon Slopes Tech Summit has a lot to offer. Besides all the fun to be had and the opportunities previously discussed, there will be an abundance of keynote speakers talking not exclusively about tech. Some of the more famous speakers in the past include baseball legend, Alex Rodriguez and former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney. This video shows the CEO of Banjo, who happens to be headquartered in Park City, Damien Patton speaking at the 2019 Tech Summit.


The Silicon Slopes Tech Summit not only makes sense if you’re in the tech industry and in Utah; as the outreach is far greater than the state border. The information and connections gained at the tech summit will carry back to the places that anyone travels from to attend.