Micro eCommerce

A micro eCommerce site is a simple website concentrated on a very specific product or service that will help to bring focus and relevancy to that specific product or service online.

We have found there are some immediate benefits by creating micro eCommerce sites to organically support your products and organic positions in google, so

NuEthic has developed a technology called TinyEcommerce which facilitates rapidly building out potentially hundreds of relevant keyword rich domain name micro eCommerce sites.


Imagine having the flexibility to make each product you have into its own site with graphics surrounding that theme of that product, and how relevant that WHOLE site is in relation to giving the visitor visual assurance that they have unequivocally landed in the right spot!


Because of the breadth of content on your main site, your weight to each area of your site becomes a little more diluted and more difficult to rank on Page 1 of Google.

The benefit of tailoring the content of a site to get right to the point about its relevance is beneficial for both Google giving you traffic for people searching for that information as well as a minimal bounce rate due to the visitor landing on a site surrounded by their search terms.


Micro eCommerce sites are highly effective SEO tools that increase online traffic to your business by utilizing websites with keyword rich domain names. Micro eCommerce sites developed on these domains use advanced SEO techniques and capture consumers that your main site is missing.

Keyword Rich Domains reach Page 1 on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines quicker. It’s no secret that page one is where you need to be. More than 70 percent of clicks happen on Page 1 in Position 1-3 of search results.


Allows you to focus on the long tail or product specific:

Often a company will target the larger “short tail” keywords which have broad search and can bring a lot of traffic to their main site. This can have a tremendous benefit to bring in the volumes of traffic and the reputation as a market leader in your industry.

“Long Tail” keywords are often overlooked as necessary or seem too burdensome to target for the amount of effort involved.


ToolKing.com who has been building out skins and micro eCommerce sites and have seen conversions starting to happen they never had before (Google “recon plasma cutters” and you will see position #2 is a Tool King micro site that is bringing in conversions from pure organic search – no off site SEO involved). As you can see, this site serves the purpose of organic recapture – if you have not made the sale on listing one and the user bounces back to the results page of Google, you have a second opportunity immediately following.


www.10cansforfoodstorage.com. With all site design and CSS being equal if you click on a product and you’ll see that it brings you right back into the Magento store with replicated styles and has that product in the cart ready to check out. This one-page product site was created for a client and had the following results (analyzed in the first quarter of launch)…

  • Average conversion rate from all referring sources to the client’s main site which is efoodsdirect.com is 1.95% while this site converted at 25% as a referrer to that site!
  • This little site produced $5880.75 in only one quarter.
  • The site remains the 17th best converting traffic source of 2490 total referring sites!
  • The average order size from this site in this particular quarter of analysis was just under $2,000!