Azure Cloud and Google AWS Consulting

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Azure Cloud and Google AWS Consulting

 Azure Cloud and AWS

Cloud computing, delivering servers, networking, databases, storage, and other computing services over the internet, has become as necessary for many organizations as the internet itself. When it comes to cloud computing, the main question most organizations face is which platform to use.

Is there one platform that is more effective than others? Does one provide greater benefits? Is there a specific platform preferable for hosting eCommerce such as Magento or WooCommerce?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure are two top cloud platforms with similar costs and capabilities. While both are effective and provide necessary features for users, they differ in a handful of ways.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

AWS is a part of This cloud solution offers on-demand cloud computing for personal use, as well as for businesses and other organizations. As the original cloud platform, AWS has a number of benefits, many of which come from time and experience.

AWS is fast and powerful, providing services for high-traffic services. It has regions all around the world, each with a group of data centers to serve that location. Every AWS region is independent of other regions so that access and availability in one area does not affect others. Each region also has points of presence that work by caching content for users, providing a seamless, automated experience.

Access to AWS comes through a paid subscription. Users must sign up for an AWS account, which gives them access to all of Amazon’s services. AWS cloud services subscriptions are then billed to the users’ AWS account.

With AWS services, users are provided with web-based consoles which are used for the creation, management, and monitoring of the users’ resources. The command-line interface of AWS enables users to interact with various services and integrates with macOS, Windows, and Linux.

The AWS cloud services include computing, storing, networking, and databases. Services are efficient and high-quality, providing users with an effective cloud solution.

Azure Cloud


Microsoft Azure comes in with a similar price point to AWS, with many similar features and capabilities. It was created to be an efficient cloud computing platform for businesses and quickly earned a place as a top cloud provider, alongside AWS.

Microsoft Azure has a number of effective, streamlined services included with cloud computing, such as AI, machine learning, storage, hybrid, and internet of things. The cloud solutions present in Microsoft Azure makes it possible for businesses to securely share, store, train, and create anything they need.

Available in 54 regions and 140 countries, Azure has grown immensely, and continues to grow rapidly, since its inception. Fast, effective, widespread, and secure solutions have made Azure a top choice among Fortune 500 companies.

Microsoft Azure has the features and capabilities that make it a top choice for eCommerce hosting. Users of platforms such as Magento and WooCommerce find the most effective solutions for their eCommerce stores thanks to the streamlined, AI services used by Azure.