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Gadget Guard

Scaling Growth for Gadget Guard

Gadget guard is a great example of a company where we have made a huge impact. Gadget Guard is still a very happy client on a monthly retainer. The work NuEthic has done for Gadget Guard ranges from small website updates to whole site updates. After meeting with Gadget Guard’s team and getting to know what their needs we designed a solution for them that would address the monstrous growth their company was experiencing on At the time Gadget Guard was not capable of handling their traffic and warranty submissions.  NuEthic built the process of Gadget Guard’s warranty submission process from the ground up. Gadget Guard used to have their customers call Gadget Gaurd’s in-house support team to register each and every screen protector purchased. We created an automated solution that allowed Gadget Guard to downsize its customer support staff into the single digits while scaling Gadget Guard’s growth by millions. Never hurts to have a higher profit margin! Along with automating Gadget Guard’s site, refining the site addressing load times, performance, and security issues that have resulted in a massive improvement in consumer experience and conversion rates.

Custom Warranty Registration Process:

Gadget Guard is very unique with its generous warranty claim giving you $150-$200 if you shatter your phone screen while using their protector. Pretty awesome until you think about the logistics of that… it can get a bit scary. That’s where NuEthic comes in. Gadget Guard had a customer service team of 10+ Gadget Guard Employees dedicated to answering the phones specifically to register devices, users and warranty submission. Automation saved Gadget Guard creating a wealth of resources to better take advantage of. Now, those employees write the best content Gadget Guard has seen! Maybe… or they are logistic freit trains, either way, they are taking advantage of their skills instead of answering phones. That poses the question: Automation is a good thing..? YES! Automation creates jobs, it doesn’t diminish jobs… Automation created the opportunity for Gadget Guard to scale without even thinking of new hires or potential margin loss. This lack of stress for Gadget Guard was brought by the amazing system NuEthic developed from scratch. We created a seamless custom Magento automation that allowed for warranty submission with a photo of the new product and a few other required fields provided by the customer. Gadget Guard now sees more than 20,000 warranty submissions a month, 20,000 new product users, and 20,000 reasons to appreciate automation!

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