How Does Government Website Design Differ From Public Website Design?

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How Does Government Website Design Differ From Public Website Design?

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Good web design and UX principles apply to any site, but there are meaningful differences between a well-designed government website and a private or corporate webpage. Today’s citizens expect the same streamlined experience from any site they visit. Government pages must meet the challenge of providing seamless navigation while also meeting accessibility standards, offering robust search capabilities, maintaining mobile capabilities, and more. Learn how NuEthic and EvoGov can provide your citizens with a safe, secure, and optimized website that’s also beautiful and easy to use.

Government Websites Serve Everyone

A government’s website faces specialized demands that aren’t seen in the private sector. Private companies base their decisions on market research. Every business targets its most likely customers, creating websites built with a particular section of society in mind.

Government websites, on the other hand, exist for everyone’s use. A municipal, state, or federal webpage must be designed for every potential user. Its target audience includes people with low digital skills, non-English speakers, users with disabilities, unhappy residents, and more.

Government sites need to be widely accessible, fully responsive, mobile-friendly, and properly organized. A flexible CMS approach allows governments to add the features their community needs.

Citizen-Focused Design

Governments exist to empower communities and serve their residents. A well-designed government website is built with these goals in mind. Depending on local priorities, laws, and regulations, a government site may need to offer the following services:

  • Language translation
  • Adjustable font sizes
  • Document search
  • Utility, bill, and fee payment
  • Secure forms and applications
  • And more

With thoughtful design practices, public sector websites can be a primary source of information for residents. Data-driven site design studies the user experience and helps citizens enrich their lives. When combined with a flexible CMS platform, this approach leads to increased resident satisfaction.

Mobile Optimization

As society moves increasingly online, government websites must be optimized for mobile users. A mobile-friendly or mobile-optimized page automatically adjusts its display settings when accessed from a smartphone or tablet. Mobile-friendly pages provide the same information but in a simpler presentation.

When a page is mobile optimized, it can be used by more people. People use their smartphones to find information when they’re at work, at home, or on the go. Many low-income families also use mobile devices as their only way of accessing the Internet. Public sector sites can better serve their residents by offering mobile-friendly services through a flexible CMS tool.

Build A Robust Site With Flexible CMS

Government CMS, or content management system, is the framework your government page builds upon. A CMS allows your team to create, publish, and manage your website. Articles, forms, applications, press releases, downloadable documents, videos — all of these formats and more are possible with a modern, flexible CMS.

Your citizens deserve a practical, usable site that meets their needs. Give your residents all the benefits of a streamlined WordPress site, plus the reliability of a secure, easy-to-use, and fully functional government webpage.

NuEthic specializes in building elegant, accessible, and optimized government sites. Using the EvoGov platform, we can help you empower your residents with a modern website.

Our designs help you fulfill information access requirements, share valuable details with your citizens, and maintain a secure digital environment. If you’re ready to further your investment in your community, contact NuEthic today to learn more.