Headless Commerce, Shopify, and WordPress, What is it?

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Headless Commerce, Shopify, and WordPress, What is it?

The vast online marketplace is becoming more crowded, and more competitive with each passing day. Internet purchases are expected to claim at least 20% of the retail sales market by 2024. How can you make sure that your online business is well-positioned to grab a piece of the eCommerce pie? The secret is all in the user interface. Customer experience is the crucial secret ingredient that often determines whether an online business becomes a profitable enterprise or fails to launch. Headless commerce combining the easy accessibility of Shopify and the stable security of WordPress can help your business cut straight to the head of the line.

What is Headless Commerce?

Headless commerce is essentially a decoupling of your business’s storefront or user interface from the technical nuts and bolts that control, and often constrain, your e-commerce website. The pace of technological improvements, innovations, and updates has accelerated rapidly in the past few years and headless commerce offers users the ability to easily adopt and adapt to each new advancement.

Why Shopify?

Shopify is synonymous with eCommerce. The platform is wildly popular with web shoppers and eCommerce business owners alike because it offers an intuitive, easy to navigate, stress free user experience that allows shoppers to seek, find, and buy thousands of different items with a minimum of fuss. 

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a long-standing favorite website creation and hosting platform for both personal and commercial website owners. A large part of WordPress’s appeal lies in the extreme customization options. The WordPress platform serves up a massive al carte content management system that allows users to create a highly personalized website with everything that they want and nothing that they don’t.

Why Shopify and WordPress are Better Together  

Combining Shopify with WordPress creates the ultimate headless commerce solution. The unique benefits offered by each platform act synergistically to amplify the positive elements of both platforms while minimizing their weak areas.

WordPress Personalization Made Easier with Shopify User Interface

Users are drawn to WordPress by the promise of infinite customization that will allow them to create the unique, uber-personalized website they desire. WordPress’s customizability is awesome but it can be a lengthy learning curve for less tech-savvy users.  That is where Shopify comes to the rescue. Shopify, together with theme building giants, Themezilla, Ultralinx, and Themify, has created three new WordPress themes for both WordPress-hosted and user-hosted websites. These carefully crafted WordPress Shopify themes add the easy-to-navigate front-end solution that Shopify users love to the highly customizable back-end structure that WordPress junkies crave.

Shopify Customer Experience Made More Agile with WordPress

Shopify users love the easy-to-use interface but can struggle with a lack of agility or scalability in today’s rapidly changing and ultra-competitive eCommerce environment. The newly crafted Shopify eCommerce plug-in for the WordPress platform creates a headless commerce solution that allows users to take advantage of the limitless agility and scalability of WordPress without sacrificing the simplicity and accessibility that makes Shopify an industry leader in the realm of internet retail sales.

Headless commerce maximizes eCommerce agility and scalability without sacrificing continuity and the all-important user experience. There is perhaps no better example of the inherent benefits of headless commerce than the synergistic combination of eCommerce titans, WordPress, and Shopify.