Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing and why does it matter to you in eCommerce?

Magento content marketing is a way of communicating with your customers and prospective customers without directly selling to them. It is a non-interruptive marketing tactic that creates  context that someone is looking for and correspondingly relevant to what you have to offer. Instead of directly pitching your products or services, your business is delivering information that makes your buyer more informed. The essence of this content strategy is the belief that if you, as a relevant business, deliver consistent, ongoing and valuable information to buyers, they ultimately reward us with their business and loyalty.

Content Strategy Services

At NuEthic, we have garnered for our clients millions of dollars of original revenues directly correlated to the creation of relevant content in the right places. We offer a consulting for creating an integrated content marketing strategy for your Magento eCommerce Store and support that strategy with services to help you fulfill a results driven marketing campaign.

Common Content Marketing Efforts Include:

Magento Content Marketing Case Study

We feel that the current default blog functionality in Magento is not strong enough to support a robust and scalable content marketing campaign so our first order of business was migrating any existing content from the client’s blog to WordPress and integrate this technology on their site (both stylistically as well as in the core site framework at the root level).
We then planned out with their marketing team what resources they had to continuously create and contribute relevant content to their blog.
We reviewed with the client about a dozen areas of focus to set up as categories on the blog and a specific plan behind each category as well as keywords to target for the same.
We setup processes for their internal marketing team to work with third party of resources with core competencies in each area of the categories of the blog. We had to qualify these people to these aspects:

We formulated a strategy for fair compensation to authors and contributors
We setup procedures and protocols for managing, editing, and scheduling this content utilizing the word press features for content contributors and authors.
In the course of roughly two years after this implementation successfully beginning and following a rigorous campaign consistency, we were pleased to learn from the client based off the detailed analytics reports that our content strategy consulting for the Magento store has garnered over $2.5 million in additional revenues through the site traceable to traffic originating to the site from this blog strategy!