ASD Market Week

What is ASD Market Week?

When established in 1961, ASD stood for Associated Surplus Dealers. Well, it is not 1961 anymore and ASD has rebranded itself as the Affordable Shopping Destination, but what does that mean and what is ASD Market Week?  

ASD Market Week is one of the largest and most comprehensive trade shows for ordering consumer merchandise in the United States. As one of the leading business to business trades show in Las Vegas, ASD is able to bring the widest variety of retail merchandise under one roof; creating a highly efficient shopping experience. Retailers, both big and small will find the floors at ASD Market Week filled with quality products and wholesale options at every price point. 

This trade-only event is not open to the public and aside from a specific area known as “cash-and-carry”; no sales will be made on the floor, as this is an order only trade show. 

Why Attend ASD Market Week?

As a buyer or an owner, there are countless opportunities to create a large margin for your business. Over 45,000 from 90 different countries visit ASD Market Week creating a very distinctive environment for networking. Every type of distributor will be at this trade show from lingerie dealers to CBD wholesale suppliers providing an overwhelming opportunity to find unique merchandise to set a store apart. ASD Market Week also makes sense to attend if you have been considering diversifying or expanding your product line.

No matter what merchandise you are considering buying, it can be found at ASD Market Week and at a price point to create an impressive margin. 

Why Exhibit at ASD Market Week?

As stated, 45,000 people attend ASD Market Week. Of those 45,000 people, 44,000 of them have major purchasing powers. The average buyer at ASD Market Week spends $82,500 per show across hundreds of diverse product categories. 

If your company specializes in consumer products or wholesale merchandise, ASD Market Week should be a top priority for you to exhibit. 

ASD states on their site that the success of their show is based on their exhibitor’s success. This business model holds true and to make their success even greater, ASD Market Week aggressively markets their trade shows to retailers of all types through digital, social and traditional marketing and promotion channels. ASD Market Week is dedicated to increasing the buyer’s return on investment through their trade show. 

As one of the top order-writing shows in the industry, ASD Market Week has the ability to reach a different type of buyer. No other show allows you to reach the same volume or variety of buyers. Retailers to Importers will be at ASD Market Week waiting to buy your merchandise. 

Whether you are liquidating merchandise or trying to build new channels for wholesale, discovering ASD Market Week might be the greatest thing to happen to your business this year. 

Source Direct at ASD

ASD Market Week also boasts being the home to the SourceDirect trade show. SourceDirect is a business to business show for importers, distributors, and large retailers to buy wholesale goods directly from overseas manufacturers. SourceDirect at ASD is the destination for buyers looking to expand to new product categories, diversify products, and find new ways to directly affect profit from manufacturers coming from top sourcing countries. 

Buyers who attend SourceDirect at ASD are looking to establish wholesale partnerships and contract manufacturers to source the products and merchandise they need directly from the factory. SourceDirect is the best wholesale showcase of general merchandise of all types.  

Whether you have a brick and mortar store, an eCommerce website, or both; small or large businesses should not miss the opportunity for networking and product purchasing found at ASD Market Week. If you have a physical business and have thought about expanding into an online presence or need help getting your eCommerce website up to par, NuEthic can help.

Product and Buyer Categories

ASD Market Week brings to buyers the largest variety of merchandise in one efficient trade show that makes increasing margin easy. ASD is loaded with quality choices at every price point. This well-established trade show has continued to grow and attract tens of thousands of loyal buyers from a diverse collection of retail and distribution channels across the globe. These retail buyers attending ASD Market Week range from mass merchants to independent specialty stores, giving the seller an opportunity to meet varying purchasers. 

Overview of ASD Market Week

ASD Market Week is a wholesale business to business marketplace and is only open to industry professionals and qualified buyers. Buyers at ASD will find trending high margin products, but unfortunately for young entrepreneurs, ASD is not open to anyone under the age of 16 on the floor.

The floor plan is expansive and as a buyer; you may need to look at the layout before going to hit the booths that carry products you are interested in. Without this plan of action, it would be incredibly easy to get lost for hours looking at the diverse products and hearing different seminars. Luckily ASD Market Week has mad navigating their trade show easy with this map and a mobile app called attendee show planner. 

Another way that ASD stands out is their “Matchmaking Service”. This service makes it easier for attendees to be paired with products that appeal to them, their business, and most importantly their margin. If you are interested in this matchmaking service, the form to fill out can be found here.

The ASD Market Week trade show for 2020 is happening March 22 through March 25 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center. If you are interested in attending, you can fill out the registration form here


ASD Market Week is an opportunity to grow your margin exponentially by purchasing wholesale. It is also an amazing opportunity to network with different merchandisers and buyers, all under one roof. If you have the opportunity to be present, you should be at ASD Market Week, giving yourself a great chance for your business to thrive and generate larger overhead. Another way to give your business a high chance to succeed is to reach out and let us help you develop a marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website or develop your eCommerce website.