Analytics and Usability Services


Building a Solid Foundation for Measurement

Think setting up a Google Analytics account to have some peripheral charts is sufficient to illustrate the entire picture where the foundation of your web marketing versatility lies? If you have head the old adage “What is not measured can never be improved,” consider extending that by asking yourself “Is enough being measured?” or “are the right things being measured?”

Google Analytics

We start from assessment of the current raw log files to finds trends in traffic entrances, traffic exits, site and information architecture inefficiencies and other relevant data which opens your eyes what it takes to improve the status quo. Working with our proprietary processes, toolsets and over 20 years of website analytic insights, we help your online efforts result the way you intended going into it.


Building from Existing or Partial Measurement

We go beyond typical “off the shelf” software to measure and analyze a site’s performance/effectiveness. With a mixture of years of top-tier agency experience in design and usability as well as enterprise-level web software development, we take a holistic approach to see the big picture. It’s not only about the stats. It’s the story behind the data and the design. Below are areas we test for understanding a site’s current performance and giving the clearest understanding that guides a better experience for your visitors (and . . . more revenue).