Magento Pay Per Click Services

Magento Pay Per Click (PPC) Services


NuEthic has a proven track record of exceeding expectations of our clients with our marketing results. One of the key areas Magento site owners focus on for generating traffic is through the use of pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns. We not only exceed expectations for the service, we guarantee results beyond your current performance or we do not charge!


To drive immediate results and channel targeted traffic directly to your landing pages, we offer customized and optimized solutions for PPC marketing.

We deliver complete spectrum of PPC management services including charting out your PPC campaign, deciding on the keywords, producing persuasive advertisements, economizing the cost-per-acquisition, optimizing the landing page, and consistently monitoring and making requisite amendments to increase your PPC traffic and click through rate (CTR).

  • Create campaigns on additional platforms (e.g. adCenter, Facebook)
  • Reorganize campaigns and ad groups as needed
  • Adjust budgets, campaign settings, etc. Add, modify or delete keywords
  • Adjust maximum CPC bids
  • Track ad copy results and change as data warrants.
  • Adjust keyword match types
  • Adjust destination URLs (landing pages) -Provide landing page test mockā€ups
  • Test, track and report results


If there is historical data from an existing campaign, NuEthic only charges pay per click campaign maintenance fees upon improved performance of vital pay-per-click KPIs of the previous campaign such as: CPC, CTR, Clicks Position, Conversions, traffic, etc. If we do not exceed historical performance, we do not charge.


NuEthic managed a Kia Canada National campaign with over 70K keywords in the account. The objective was to maximize overall traffic while decreasing the cost. A full restructure was implemented across the whole account with the following results:


The following results were generated in the course for the campaign with KIA.

  1. 1.2M keywords managed
  2. over 1,000 campaigns executed with over 10,000 ad groups.


Accounts were also split up by device, Mobile, Tablets and Desktop. The results included the following:

  • an increase in CTR by over 4000%
  • decrease in overall cost by 1,800%
  • increase in performance by over 3,600%

For our performance, the campaign was nominated for the innovative campaign of the year at the MIA awards in Toronto, Canada.