Performance Based SEO Services

Performance Based Search Engine Optimization Services


You don’t pay us until we show you the results; with NuEthic it is as simple as that. We know companies cringe at spending marketing dollars before actually seeing the performance. That is why we not only customize our Magento organic Search Engine Optimization methodology to suit your needs but also charge you only after we have shown you results in improving your website’s rank and enhancing your online visibility. Payment will be derived from the actual performance – how many keywords are ranking and what the individual rank for each keyword is. If your website does not rank for any of the keywords we simply do not charge you that month! You only pay for the realized search engine rankings for the chosen keywords. All invoices are generated on a monthly basis, depending on the performance NuEthic has delivered.



  1. Keyword research on all variations and sort you focus by relevancy
  2. Tier one keywords identified – These are your core defining terms with the heaviest search traffic. They are used throughout the site frequently in critical places. Place tier one keywords in meta, H1/H2, categories, navigation, product descriptions, URL string titles, alt tags and other content where appropriate
  3. Tier two keywords identified – These are your less critical terms with typically lighter search traffic. They are less frequently used in the site. Place tier two keywords in content sections, deep pages (i.e. not as prominent) and other site/blog content where appropriate


  1. Title, Meta, and H1: Tags Analysis and Creation
  2. Site Map and Robot.txt file: Analysis and Creation
  3. Website Copy Analysis: Edits to Support Keywords
  4. Implement Website Changes and Content Optimization


  1. Key Business Directories: Submissions to the top business directories with your keyword supported and categories defined.
  2. Keyword Link Building: Build links directly related to relevant vertical keywords. This provides credibility and trust for your business in your market.
  3. Competitive Link Building: Targeted link building from competitor’s back links for keywords you are trying to rank for.
  4. Social Bookmarking: Keyword focused links to your site in the form of bookmarks within social bookmarking communities.
  5. Blog Submissions: Original content created and distributed with keyword support and linked to your website URL.
  6. Article Submissions: Creation of unique and informative articles that provide education in your market and distributed to informational websites. Articles give your website more authority in your market.
  7. Perform all off page optimization with link targets for each keyword directing to a relevant page in the site


NuEthic: (Yes, the mechanic is actually working on their own car!)

Giving ourselves a focus for keywords in the Magento online space, we have been able to prove our own abilities on ourselves! The keywords we targeted were very competitive and we have been able to result in first page rankings for all of them. See below:

magento consultant 9 100+
magento developer 7 100+
magento developers 10 100+
magento development 8 100+
magento freelancer 4 100+
magento shop 5 100+
magento web design 4 100+
magento web designer 5 100+
magento website design 5 100+
magento website developer 3 100+

Targeting a difficult set of keywords that many competitor are clamoring for in a very prime industry was the challenge. Although this only represents a sample set of keywords that were targeted for this campaign, we have been able to move this client home to page one for some very relevant phrases which has brought positive ROI from the sales generated on these keywords. See below:

dehydrated food 8 100+
dehydrated meals 5 100+
disaster food 6 100+
dried food 9 100+
dried foods 8 100+
emergency food 4 100+
emergency food supplies 6 100+
emergency food supply 8 100+
survival foods 15 100+

This client had recently created in Magento eCommerce site and needed to start generating traffic from organic keyword results. With extensive strategy, NuEthic was able to create this traffic entirely from our efforts for strategic keywords in very difficult places. See below:

bedroom sets for boys 5 100+
bedroom sets for girls 8 100+
bedroom sets for kids 9 100+
bedroom sets for sale 4 100+
bedroom sets on sale 5 100+
discount bedroom sets 7 100+
full bedroom set 5 100+
girls bedroom sets 8 100+
king bedroom sets 6 100+
king size bedroom sets 9 100+
queen bedroom set 11 100+
wood bedroom furniture 12 100+