Time to Upgrade Magento!!

Magento 2 was released in December of 2015 with promises of being far better than previous Magento 1. Magento has delivered with it’s most recent update, allowing Magento users to expect faster and easier shopping experience a long with plenty of performance. If you are still on Magento 1 we have some bad news.. Your site is no longer supported by Magento and can be at serious security risk. As of November of 2018, Magento will no longer support Magento 1 keeping their focus on their new baby, Magento 2. In this article we will give you the benefits of upgrading to Magento 2 that will have you drooling. 


Let’s get you updated.


Administrative Changes

Nothing matters more to a business owner than their time and … not wasting it. Magento 2 has quite a lot of changes to make your job as an admin more efficient and so easy you won’t believe it. 


The benefits begin with:

Improved Product Creation: 

Magento 2 offers a step-by-step product creation tools that allows you to more accurately and quickly upload your products to your site. This new tool can improve your product upload speeds by 4 times. I don’t think you will even know what to do with all the free time Magento 2 will be giving you. 


If you have multiple stores which I imagine you do because you’re using Magento; you can now create products/posts for every store at one time. Magento offers one admin for 5 separate stores. Talk about a time saver.. 


Improved Data Mapping and Filtering: 

Magento 2 comes with a very robust data grid view for the admin not offered with Magento 1. The grid is completely customizable with the choice of which attributes are shown in a grid view without the need of a developer. None of this data is locked to one Magento administrator. Every admin can customize their data and view what is most important to them. This ability with Magento 2 offers clean, uncluttered interfaces and allows you to see the data you need to see. Magento has also created the ability to filter this data based on your custom attributes. 



Performance was the biggest driving factor in this newest version of Magento. Magento 2 loads pages in 30% to 50% faster speeds than Magento 1. Sites have seen upwards of 60% faster add-to-cart times and combined with proper hosting setup can deliver faster server response for catalog browsing. 


Make the Change!

If you are thinking about making the change or you’re just simply not sure what direction to go.. Let’s talk! We’re not trying to sell you and force you into one direction but help you and help provide what you might need regardless of budget. 


Yes that means we have FREE advice for you!!