Outsourcing Web Development

A long with “where do I start?” comes the question of “how do I get this done?”. Knowing how to execute something is the bread and butter of business. The faster, better, and stronger someone can execute often decides the success of the company. Executing the build of an e-commerce site is not an easy task and typically not something the business owner wants to take on. So, do you hire a developer full time or do you outsource your work. In the majority of cases outsourcing your work is the best thing you can do for your company. Outsourcing allows you to continue focusing on the product, the customer service, the logistics, and really keeps you focused on what matters most to you. Well great! But HOW?

Step One: Know your needs.
Knowing how to find the right help begins with WHAT do you really need done. Here is a good start to get you to thinking about what you need. After you know what you need done you can look for companies who specialize in those specific services. Finding companies that can really help will take some searching. Reviews will say everything you need to know about a company. A good review page should provide you with customer feedback, a description of work, and the company name, and should look like this. It is very important to pay attention to the amount of reviews a company has. This will tell you how much time they have spent in the space and will keep you from going with a company with little experience. Good reviews and a good amount of them will say a lot about a company and their credibility. If a company does not have good reviews and not many reviews on their site DO NOT TRUST THEM! Successful Magento web development is not something you do on a whim, instead takes trial and error. Outsourcing your work to someone who doesn’t have to trial with your site will save you time, heart ache, and most importantly money.

Step Two: Get in touch and get a quote.
It is not often that you will have a company just fall into your lap that has the capabilities to achieve what you need. That’s okay. After you’ve done research in the Step One of this article Reach out to a few businesses that appear to be credible and begin a conversation. Be prepared for a long conversation! Being thorough will allow you to be transparent with needs and understand why a quote might cost so much money. Have a thorough conversation with multiple companies, this will help you get a grasp on the real cost of doing business, and will help decide who is best for you.

Step Three: Move Forward
After you have found a company with excellent customer service, great reviews, and an awesome portfolio… pull the trigger! You would be surprised how many companies go through all of the work in step one and two just to hesitate and miss their chance working with an amazing company. Decisions are hard in business but forward is the only way to go and that cannot be done if you don’t trust the company you’re working with and your gut. At this point you should trust both, so GO!

Wait.. there’s another step?
Step 4: Follow Through
Yes there is another step! Providing good contact for the company helping you make your dream come true. Keep your developers in the loop! Don’t just expect the company to take over and know exactly what it is you want done. It shouldn’t be constant contact but weekly meetings about the look and functionality of a site is a must! This will allow you to keep a good road-map of the project and keep you aligned for the best results possible.
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