Is Your Website A Lazy Salesperson?

In the modern world of computer and internet. With number of computers and internet connections going to an unprecedented height, your website is an extension of a business and is very important for the revenue. It is definitely a financial commitment to get a website up and running and if your website is not providing you benefits then it could be qualified as a lazy salesperson. One who is collecting the salary but not giving back to the revenue stream. It does not matter if your business is B2B or B2C your website serves as a virtual shopping place that provides various options to its user. For example, marketplace, knowledge base, contact, forums. In this article we will explore if your website is a lazy salesperson and how to fix this. Some of the questions one should ask when auditing a website are as following.


Does it make sales for you? / Does it convert customers?

High conversions from a website is definitely sign of a website that is doing good. If your website is not regularly bringing new conversion. This is a problem. However, this problem can be easily solved by changing the approach. Many things can go wrong with a website diminishing its capacity to convert leads. It could be a design flaw where flow of information is confusing or the clear message is hindered. A professional graphic designer can build a new modern design for your website and professional developers at Nuethic can happily make your dream website into a reality.


Does it bring in more revenue than it costs? / Does it make more than it’s hourly wage if it were an employee?

It is okay for some websites to require a substantial amount of money to be set up as long as the website is bringing more revenue than its cost that should be just fine. If you have a website and it is adding value to the business. Please observe how much it is adding to the revenue. Always remember to make things more accessible for customers while maximizing the revenue for your business. Try to understand your business model so you can tweak it accordingly for optimized performance. Sometimes it may take a little while for you to actually notice what difference the website has made in the revenue stream. Please let this happen before applying extra changes.


Is it fast and efficient at its job?

Users enjoy browsing a fast and responsive website that has the information laid out seamlessly. A big corporation like Walmart saw up to a 2% increase in conversions for every 1 second of improvement in page load time. Even a small improvement such as 100ms resulted in up to a 1% increase in revenue. At Nuethic, web performance is very important and we keep it as one of our priority when developing web modules for your business.


Is it slow? Does it have problems? How can you solve these problems?

There are many things that can go wrong and undermine a websites reputation in eyes of the consumer resulting in less website visits and eventually less sales. Some of these things that can go wrong are design issues, performance issues, availability issues. Always solve these issues as soon as they appear or are noticed. Issue of a slow website can be solved via using a platform that is for speed. One of such platform is Magento. Magento is great for eCommerce websites, but if you are in service industry and just use your website for information and appointments using WordPress can be more useful. Always evaluate what you want to achieve from your store so you can have our web developers create a suitable solution for you.

In this article, we evaluated what it means for your website to be a lazy salesperson and what steps you can take to solve such a situation. For all of your technological needs such as web development, mobile app development please reach out to Nuethic. This company has more than 10 + year experience providing custom solutions to clients like you.