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Check out some of the great and wonderful websites we've worked on.

  • Boardco

    Boardco Magento 2.0 Migration

    Boardco has been a great client of ours for years. We were approached by them with the project of migrating from magento 1.x to the new 2.x platform. This was a major undertaking due to the number of custom extensions, products and order history on the site. We were able to redesign and build a new clean site on the latest magento build to keep them running for years to come!

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    Power Music Cheer Site Development

    The power music cheer site is a great example of a company seeing a market need and jumping on the opportunity. We were able to work closely with the power music team to create a highly custom process flow with their existing magento enterprise instance and design a clean interface that allows the user to order there custom mix and have it delivered to them electronically.

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  • Growth Factor 9

    Growth Factor 9 Site Development

    Growth factor 9 site falls under the Basic Research umbrella of sites we are developing for their organization. This site is a customized process flow for a single product built on the magento 2.x framework. The site had an extremely tight 2 week timeline that we were able to achieve for their marketing team.

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  • Novex Biotech

    Novex Biotech Magento 2.0 Migration

    When a customer calls up and says that there former vendor turned off their site, it is an all hands on deck emergency to get a solution in place to prevent long term damage to SEO and page rank. When we got involved we found they did not have a copy of the codebase and we were dependent on archive.org to gather what few assets we could fine to rebuild the site. Within 3 days we were able to build a new magento 2.x site from scratch to save their online presence.

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  • Recreation Outlet

    Recreation Outlet Site

    Recreation Outlet is a great company to work with and as a vendor we have an opportunity to make a real impact. Finding that there old site was in dire need of a rebuild we were able to produce a new clean site with modern coding standards and remove the dependence on extensions for basic functional features. We were able to finish this project 2 weeks ahead of schedule to help start rebuilding their online presence.

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  • Red Balloon Toy Store

    Red Balloon Toy Store Magento 2.0 Migration

    Red balloon has been a great client of ours for years, and recently we were able to rebuild their site on magento 2.x for them. Holding true to their existing branding and look and feel we were able to recreate there site in a matter of weeks and import all there product data to prevent down time or wasted efforts. The end result is a new site that is converting better than there old site that will last for a long time.

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  • Sensa Clinical

    Sensa Clinical Site Development

    Sensa clinical is another great example of a basic research project where timelines are somewhat arbitrary and very compressed. The design is very aggressive and we were able to get the fully functional site done within 2 weeks allowing them to hit their goals for purchased and scheduled media spend to launch the new product offering.

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  • Serovital

    Serovital.com Site Development

    Serovital.com is a good example of a product that is very successful through brick and mortar stores that struggles online. The old SeroVital site was a major part of the problem. Through a redesign onto magento 2.x and ongoing analytics and site refinements we have been able to increase conversion rates by more than double of the old magento site.

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  • Berrydog Swimwear

    Berrydog Swimwear Pinnacle Cart Site Repairs

    Berrydog approached us to help them with there older Pinnacle Cart site and problems they were having that were effecting mobile users and especially checkout related issues. We were able to jump in and modify there site design to support a more flexible mobile theme without having to invest large amounts of money on a new theme design or even platform change.

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  • Stealth Gear

    Stealth Gear Magento Store and Blog Overhaul

    Stealthgear has become one of our favorite clients because they give us the opportunity to shine. The stealthgear team had been burned with 2 previous development groups and had a crisis on there hands with a site that was barely functional and losing sales. We were able to formulate a plan and execute it with a aggressive 3 week timeframe to address all there critical needs by slashing there hosting costs while providing them a better provider, improve load times, replace defective and poorly conceived systems, increase conversion rates, address user retention issues to create a stable foundation for the company to grow there web presence.

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  • Nuskin Employee Store

    Nuskin Employee Store

    Nuskin is a great company to work with. They have a highly creative and talented team that is a total joy to work with. We worked with there team to create a employee store front with highly customized integrations into there internal systems ranging from HR to product fulfillment and inventory to provide there employees a shopping experience catered to Nuskin's offerings.
    Once we completed the Nuskin ecommerce project we then moved forward in creating a customized POS system that is a store view in magento. This allows a tablet to be used as a mobile terminal for placing orders in there where house and retail stores while having access to there unique needs for internal system integration.

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  • Aroma Tools

    Aroma Tools

    Aroma tools, or ACH as we know them by is a major player in the aroma therapy and essential oils market both locally and globally. We have worked with them to bring several Volusion sites in house under one magento instance and create new opportunity to reach an ever growing international market. With deep integrations to there internal NetSuite system and advanced customizations to meet the unique business process needs we have been able to provide a one off solution that creates opportunity and efficiency for them.

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  • Linda Curly

    Linda Curly Artist Site

    Linda Curly is a local Utah artist known for her paintings of landscape and of religious subject matter. To help her expand her product offering we created a light weight magento site with modern styling to showcase her work. Linda's site is a great example of a rapid rollout low cost magento solution that fits the needs of a broad user base.

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  • Grandmas Country Foods

    Grandmas Country Foods

    Utah is known for a focus on food storage, and Grandmas Country Foods helps fulfil this market demand as a wholesaler and white label provider to many of the food storage company's in Utah. We have worked closely with Grandmas Country Foods to create and maintain a simple ecommerce presence that there distributers can use to order product while offering a retail opportunity to the general consumer market as well.

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  • Gadget Guard

    Gadget Guard

    Gadget guard is a great example of a company where we have made a major impact. After meeting with their team and getting to know what their needs were we were able to design a solution for them that would address the monstrous growth there company was experiencing on a site that was not designed to handle the scale of their usage. Through auditing and reviewing code from other developers and refining the site overall we were able to address load times, performance and security issues that have resulted in a massive change in consumer experience and conversion rates.

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  • Camp Chef

    Camp Chef

    We have been very excited to work with Camp Chef over the last half of a year to build and design a site that captures the essence of their company’s product offering and building a lifestyle message in place of the traditional product focus most company sites go after. By focusing on clean modern design, Strong imagery and a heavy focus on ease of use we were able to migrate them to a magento platform that is designed with the future in mind.

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  • Franklin Covey

    Franklin Covey

    When we started working with franklin covey they had some core tasks they wanted to achieve and as quickly as possible. There storefront was constantly crashing and load times made the site more or less unusable. We were able to work with their internal team to stabilize there servers, improve load times and site performance dramatically and move there hosting from a poorly maintained internal server to a hosting company that specializes in hosting magento, thus providing them a long term solution for growth and refinement.

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  • Tsogo


    Tsogo is one of those rare company’s that is truly a innovation first focus. The site design is very cutting edge in its look and feel and simplicity of use. By dovetailing in there magento site to their marketing efforts, blog and Indiegogo campaigns they have been able to break into a small but competitive market with a unique product that is truly innovative with instant credibility. This site is a good example of a consumer focused site and has had a great response from there consumer base.

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  • Outdoor Cooking

    Outdoor Cooking

    Outdoor cooking is a very product focused site that is designed to help consumers find products and replacement parts in the outdoor cooking industry. Built on the magento community edition it has been extended and modified heavily to allow for the unique feature set that is needed for their business model.

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  • Floor Care Company

    Floor Care Company

    Floor Care Company is a great local business that is reaching out to a more national presence due to their expertise and talented team in house. We were approached by them to build their first magento site with a very custom feature set. After getting to know what their goals were we were able to get them a solution in place that allows there customers to have a easy to use experience in shopping and finding products in a diverse market space.

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  • Henry Schein

    Henry Schein

    Dentrix marketplace is a highly customized magento instance designed to handle online purchasing of software from multiple vendors in the medical and dental fields. This project with Henry Schein was a highly complex project allowing for many customizations to user groups, user types, ordering, payment processing and fulfillment. In addition to the hard core business needs we also produced a site that looks great and works well on mobile devices to help facilitate easy purchasing for there customers. The project was completed on time and budget and we have a ongoing relationship with them because we earned their trust as a magento specialist.

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  • Ready Store

    Ready Store

    When we were approached initially by the ready store about the prospects of doing a project with them they had a lot of reservations because they had been burned by there last developer and hosting company. We worked with the ready store team and created a new cutting edge site that has had a major impact on conversion rates and sales site wide. The redesign of there site was a major project with many high stake touch points and the project was completed on time and budget. We have become there exclusive partner for design, development and customizations for new features and projects and initiatives.

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  • Clickmix


    When Clickmix originally approached us they had a laundry list of items that they wanted to address but the core among them was to focus on performance enhancements and redesigning there highly complex site to be responsive in layout. We worked closely with the customer to produce new designs that would accommodate there sites needs into a mobile format that would increase sales and conversion amounts. To support the redesign of the site we also slashed there load times by half to provide a better user experience. Click mix has been a great client to work!

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  • britwest

    Brit West Design

    Britwest was a great opportunity to make an impact for our client that had immediate results. Britwest had worked with a handful of developers to get there site up and running and make updates and unfortunately some of the developers were not up to snuff. We took a ground up approach to the site to eliminate security issues and usability problems as well as to make the site responsive for mobile support. The result is a stable site that performs well and is highly secure.

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  • Bright Life Go

    When bright life Go approached Nuethic to review their site they knew there were several needs to get the site performing like they wanted. After reviewing their needs Nuethic formulated and successfully completed a plan to update the Magento platform, create a new clean responsive skin and move them to a optimized host for Magento. The project was completed on time and budget and we have a ongoing relationship with bright life go because we earned their trust.

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  • Dealer Track

    Dealer Track is the largest player in the Automotive sales and support industry with software solutions use by just about all of the large dealers and chains nationally. Dealer track wanted to streamline their ability to provide services for their client base by offering online and automated supply ordering. Working with NuEthic we were able to produce a killer store front with a lot of custom functionality within a tight timeline.

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  • Winter Equipment

    Winter equipment is a great example of what happens when you bring a team of creative's together with web Gurus to produce a site and user experience that is unsurpassed in quality. With the niche market and application specific market we were able to create a site that showcases the product and opens new market opportunity with an easy to use site for the general consumer, government and mobile sales force.

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  • Gun Vault

    Gun vault has worked with a local agency for several years to help build their online presence. When they decided to focus on Magento as there platform of choice their creative firm reached out to NuEthic to build, maintain and customize Magento to their need. Gun vault has been a great client to work with and there site is constantly evolving to be better and better.

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  • Certified DEF


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  • Stm Associates

    STM Associates has been a great company to work with. There corporate site was in need of an overhaul that truly reflected this elite company. STM had been burned by several developers and agencies over the years and they were extremely thorough in there vetting out process. Finally when they felt comfortable moving forward we knocked this project out of the park for them and proved why the NuEthic promise is different from so many other web companies.

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  • New Concept Louvers

    New Concept Louvers is a manufacturer of high end products to spruce up your home. When they approached NuEthic about doing a site they had a lot of very complex needs for configurable products, shipping and packaging requirements. Working with their team we were able to create a solution that matched their budget constraints and gave them a polished and easy to use site.

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  • My Foodstorage

    My food storage site was a fairly major project to take on. We approached this project as a ground up replacement for there out dated site that had been worked on by developers that were lacking in their skill set. The result for them was a strong and stable platform with a clean modern design focusing on opening up the mobile market to them. Within 30 days of launching the new site we saw dramatic increases in mobile conversion rates and purchases. Further because Magento was setup properly we were able to increase their market reach cost effectively by creating multiple store fronts from one Magento back end. The project was a resounding success.

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  • Zcapture

    Zcapture is a truly innovative product that allows its users to create stunning 360 product photography with ease. To match the innovation found In this product we produces a beautiful site that utilizes the most modern responsive layouts to support all mobile browsers in an optimized way. Feel free to check out this product and site as we are very proud of both.

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  • BareBones Outdoor Living

    Barebones is a highly innovative company drawing there inspiration from the same founding owners as the amazing product line of goal0.There new product line focuses on creating innovative high end Glamping product designed with the same attention to detail as there other companies. Our goal was to product a high quality branded web experience for there customers that has a strong focus on highly creative design and responsive themes for maximum device compatibility. By developing in Magento they have a potent platform the long haul.

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  • Scentsationals

    Scentsationals is a great company to work with. When you walk into their offices you know exactly what they do just with one sniff. Our approach with scentsationals.com was to design a site that was modern and current in features and function yet still performs well. By using Magento and wordpress we were able to product a site that met their needs and liberated them to easily manage their online presence.

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  • PdmNet Solutions

    We were approached by PDM.net to help them with a re-skin of their existing Magento platform. Working with the client we were able to completely rebrand there site and refresh its look and feel to a modern theme. In addition we integrated Tiny Ecommerce with their solution to help them with market exposure and micro sites for Magento to increase sales and traffic. Overall the rebrand was a resounding success.

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  • Prepare Wise

    When we were approached by PrepareWise to help move them off of their previous platform we were shocked with what we found. These guys were held hostage and paying extreme premiums for retainers and hosting costs with very little support. Often we see these true hostage situations from clients that seek us out for our values of empowering our clients toward site management independence and consulting. After creating a strategic partnership with PrepareWise we were able to free them from this situation, help make them independent and self sufficient, and work closely with their team to increase conversion rates and overall credibility of their site. Not to mention a significant savings from their previous agency.

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  • HIFI Services

    HiFi Services is a high-end distributor of sound equipment with an exclusive partnership for US distribution of the Neat Acoustics products. As this agreement was lining up, HiFi contacted NuEthic about creating a better branding effort on the web to illustrate the new product lines. HiFiServices.com aims to have a high-end feel for very high-end products.

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  • Reams Food Stores

    Reams Food Stores has been servicing the Utah grocery market for over a half-century. In order to keep up with their target market, they felt the need to expand their online web presence. Their requirements were simple, present their information in a clean and simple format. We worked hand in hand with them to create a new web presence with the ability to expand features in the future that is presented in this modern and interactive way.

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