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Magento Affiliate Marketing Services


Using Magento affiliate marketing in your Magento online business planning can be a critical avenue of revenue for your site. Most of the time, Magento users do not know where to start with this type of marketing. Ultimately, affiliate marketing is a type of true performance-based marketing in which a you are set up as merchant business agreeing to reward one or more affiliates for each visitor or purchase which has occurred by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. There are numerous networks of affiliates looking for opportunities to sell good products to their base of the site visitors are their own network of potential buyers. Your efforts to set up a Magento affiliate campaign involves setting up a program, finding them, incentivizing them with good successes of other affiliates, and persuading them to continue promoting you.


We guarantee our efforts for managing your Magento affiliate program. Depending on what level of service you choose to engage in with us, we offer a performance guarantee to our clients in terms of generating new affiliates to your campaign. For example, if we have not generated the agreed upon amount of new affiliates to your program every month, we will continue without billing until this goal has been met. Where else can you get this kind of guarantee of results?


  • • Create Terms of Service and submit to affiliate networks
  • • Submit program in affiliate directories
  • • Answer questions & queries of the affiliates
  • • Manage affiliate networks and incentives/commissions
  • • Create banners & text links
  • • Create data feeds & widgets
  • • Create monthly newsletters according to offers, events & update from your website
  • • Create weekly & monthly reports for the client



"We had generated only 3 transactions from our affiliate marketing efforts before hiring on NuEthic for our affiliate marketing efforts. This is the 4th month of working with them for our affiliate marketing efforts. In that time, our sales have steadily increased each month, and we have seen a huge jump this month so far. We did $2000 in the first month, $6500 in the second, $8000 last month and this month we are at $37000. For a second site they are working on, this is month 2 of their efforts and our sales were $3200 in the first month and our sales to date this month are just under $13000. In two months on our sites we have gained 520 new affiliates! Amazing!

As far as endorsing NuEthic, we love what they are doing! We didn't have the resources to do these tasks in-house, and they have already brought us a positive ROI. They are very easy to work with, works hard, and gets the job done. We are about to up our level of service with them so that they can get more aggressive and spend more time building out our affiliate efforts."


Within two weeks NuEthic was able to bring on nearly 100 new affiliates and generate over $2000 in original sales for our client. To date, this campaign is proving to be very successful with number is much greater those of the first two weeks at this case study is intended to illustrate our immediate impact with affiliate efforts on an original campaign.
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