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Magento ecommerce users constantly try to take advantage of every possible angle to differentiate themselves and their products online. It is critical to make sure that your first impression at your online store, which is very brief when it comes to online shopping, is strong and persuasive. Magento users will also admit that in many cases, attractive site photography and product imagery is a big boost toward conversion rate growth and plays a big hand converting a visitor to a purchase.


Instead of having multiple, flat, one dimensional images at your product details pages, we offer a service to showcase your products in rich 360° imagery. This enables you to make your potential customers interact with your products and appreciate them more than static imagery. Also, Magento 360° spin photography has been proven to enhance your the commerce site in the following ways:

  • • Increase conversion rates and sales
  • • Increase time on site
  • • Increase brand differentiation among online competitors
  • • Reduce online product returns


The following his research supporting the use of 360° product photography:

Forrester Research states that 71% of shoppers research products first at online retailers before even attempting to look at physical brick-and-mortar retailers. When a consumer comes across you product and brand as a first impression, nearly all online shoppers will find a short product title, non-compelling description and typically a low resolution image. Needless to say, this greatly limits the very critical emotional connection between a consumer and the product.
When web marketers were asked in a new survey what marketing techniques were most effective at luring consumers more noted multimedia product viewing, which includes 360-degree product image spin, video and Flash, than any other technique. The Adobe Systems Inc. report, “Adobe Scene7 2011 Survey: Digital Marketing in the Next Decade,” found that 39% of marketers said multimedia product viewing was “very effective.” That result marked the third year in a row that a rich media-related method topped the list.

Relevancy for the technology's growth and scalability is ripe. Zcapture intends to lead this community toward further innovation and adoption by ecommerce businesses globally.



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